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End Snoring Overnight: Effortless “Set It & Forget It”

Explore how Dreamhero MouthGuard’s innovations offer undisturbed, rejuvenating sleep for you and your family..

Instantly usable

No prep or specialist visits needed. Sleep better right away!

Easy to breathe & talk with

Dreamhero MouthGuard doesn’t hinder mouth movement like others.


Dreamhero MouthGuard’s small case fits in toiletry bag for snore-free sleep on-the-go.

Universal fit

Suits ages 18+, providing comfortable and effective snore reduction.

BPA & Latex free

Safe medical-grade material, ideal for allergies.


You can use it night after night. Super easy to clean with water.

Meet Dreamhero MouthGuard

Your body is designed to inhale and breathe through your nose while you sleep. By gently advancing your lower jaw, Dreamhero MouthGuard naturally widens your airway to stop tissue vibration, which silences the snoring noise disrupting your sleep.

If snoring is robbing you or your loved ones of rest, Dreamhero MouthGuard can help you sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed.

Stop snoring at the source

If you’ve tried other stop-snoring tricks like nasal strips, tongue retention, or pillows in the past, and they didn’t work, it’s not your fault. Other anti-snoring techniques don’t target the root cause: soft tissue falling back into your throat. By wearing Dreamhero MouthGuard, you’ll train your jaw to move in the right position, which results in a better night’s sleep and a drastic reduction in snoring.

The benefits of Dreamhero MouthGuard

Dreamhero MouthGuard is proven to reduce snoring by up to 70% and more. This results in better sleep, resulting in greater productivity throughout the day, an enhanced immune system, increased athletic performance, and better relationships. It even decreases the risk of heart disease and stroke!

Unmatched Comfort and Results for Better Sleep

Supported by decades of research and a community of 1.5 million, Dreamhero MouthGuard guarantees safety and efficacy. Enjoy comfort, bid farewell to teeth clenching, and embrace unhindered jaw movement. Its Living Hinge Technology lets you breathe, talk, and drink without removal. Effortlessly portable, Dreamhero MouthGuard delivers premium results inexpensively, promising improved sleep.

How to use Dreamhero MouthGuard

Insert your Dreamhero MouthGuard

Easily place it for instant comfort

Enjoy snore-free sleep

Experience uninterrupted rest.

Wash, rinse and repeat

Clean your Dreamhero MouthGuard with warm water, mild soap, and a toothbrush.

"Dreamhero MouthGuard: Sleep Specialist-Recommended Snoring Solution"

"As a sleep specialist Dreamhero MouthGuard has become a standard “first-line” treatment that I prescribe to patients for snoring. I highly recommend it!"


Doctor Harry Denning

Board Certified ENT

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Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about Dreamhero MouthGuard

Tyler Verified Buyer

Dreamhero MouthGuard is worth every penny. My snoring was affecting my sleep quality, and I was skeptical about trying another solution. But Dreamhero MouthGuard worked like magic, and it arrived sooner than I expected!

Paul Verified Buyer

Dreamhero MouthGuard drastically improved me and my wife’s sleep! Snoring used to keep my partner awake all night. After night one of using Dreamhero MouthGuard my snoring just stopped. I never thought that something as simple as this could solve my years old snoring problem.

Andrew Verified Buyer

We both kept each other awake from our loud snoring, so when I saw this video ad on Youtube I bought two of them. I was skeptical at first, but Dreamhero MouthGuard really works wonders. No more sleepless nights for me and my partner! Thank you!

Benjamin Verified Buyer

Dreamhero MouthGuard is a game-changer. My spouse and I can finally sleep soundly. I was amazed by the quick delivery – it was at my doorstep in no time.

Emily Verified Buyer

Dreamhero MouthGuard is a dream come true! My partner’s snoring used to drive me crazy, so when I came across these videos on social media I immediately ordered one. but now, thanks to this device, our nights are peaceful. And the super-fast shipping was an added bonus!

Paul Verified Buyer

Dreamhero MouthGuard is a miracle worker. I’ve tried everything to stop snoring, and this is the only thing that actually worked. The delivery was so quick, it’s like they knew how desperate I was!

Adam Verified Buyer

I’m so glad I found Dreamhero MouthGuard. It’s incredibly effective and comfortable to wear. The fact that it arrived in just a few days was a pleasant surprise!

Nathalie Verified Buyer

Dreamhero MouthGuard saved my relationship! We both snored, and it was wreaking havoc on our sleep. This device put an end to it, and the speedy shipping was a nice touch!

Steve Verified Buyer

Dreamhero MouthGuard is a life-saver. Snoring was affecting my sleep quality, and I was skeptical about trying another solution. But Dreamhero MouthGuard worked like magic, and it arrived sooner than I expected!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Dreamhero MouthGuard

Quiet works by gently moving your jaw forward, which widens your airway and stops tissue vibration that causes snoring.
Yes, you can talk comfortably while wearing Dreamhero MouthGuard. Its design allows for natural mouth movement and easy communication.
Yes, Dreamhero MouthGuard is designed for all-night comfort. Its soft material ensures a comfortable experience while you sleep.
Dreamhero MouthGuard offers a unique approach by addressing the root cause of snoring. Unlike other methods, it focuses on jaw positioning, resulting in effective snore reduction.